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A Marxist Sherlock Holmes: Itō Ken and the Proletarian Detective in 1920s Shanghai

On cover: In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Lenin Topics: Socialism, Social conflict, Dictatorship of the proletariat. The nights of labor : the workers' dream in nineteenth-century France.

Includes bibliographical references pages and index Topics: Labor, Business enterprises, Proletariat, Labor, Business enterprises, Business enterprises, A defence of history and class consciousness : tailism and the dialectic. Proletarianisation in the Third World : studies in the creation of a labour force under dependent capitalism.

Marxism and the U.

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From peasant to proletarian : capitalist development and agrarian transition. XII, p.

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Reworking China’s Proletariat

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This collection includes seven articles from the journal Open Times, a window into contemporary Chinese academic trends. It illustrates various ways that people from a countryside make use of local social resources to seek out ways to making a living. In these models, we can still see traditional social networks, various degrees of ties based on kinship and locality, and the existence of humans as social groups.

Editors: Letian Zhang and Yunxiang Yan. This rare unusual collection contains a total of letters, most of which were written by a couple, Mr. Lu and Ms.

Jiang, who lived apart for more than fifteen years between and and relied mainly on letter-writing to communicate. They passionately revealed romantic love and conjugal compassion to each other; they discussed mundane details of everyday family life including management of the household economy, efforts of interacting with in-laws, relatives, and friends, learning course of raising children, and strategies of coping with financial hardship.

They also sincerely engaged each other in a soul-searching process of making themselves into socialist subjects and participating in various political campaigns.

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The content of these letters is as rich and complicated as the flow of life itself in which the personal, economic and political are intermingled together.