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Our company does raises in February.

Seven Key Strategies for Preventing Employee Turnover

While speaking with my supervisor over the last couple months, I mentioned a potential of relocating due to personal reasons within the next year, but never confirmed it would be a definite. I can understand where they're coming from, BUT what if I don't leave the company and they are withholding this from me? Are they required to make up what has been withheld from me? Everyone else received their annual increase, but I didn't because of the above. I understand this is a lesson learned the hard way, but since there's no proof I will actually be leaving can they do this?

Mobile Millennials: Understanding the Dilemma

On the one hand, why would you want to give more money to someone who has already expressed interest in leaving? On the other hand, wouldn't it be totally awesome if you knew your employee's career plans so that you could plan ahead? Look, people will leave you. Traditionally and ethically, absent extenuating circumstances , all you get is two week's notice.

The HR dilemma: Balancing data access and analysis with security

Is there any professional job where you would be able to source, interview, select, conduct a background check, negotiate and offer, and have that replacement trained and ready to go by the time the two week's notice period is up? So it's to your serious advantage to be supportive of your employees who give you this type of heads up.

In fact, you want to make it clear that you encourage your employees to speak up and that you won't punish them by withholding raises or firing them if they tell you they're thinking about leaving. Guaranteed, this employee will mention to her co-workers what happened, so they'll all think twice before giving their managers a heads up. And just to answer the original question, the company isn't required to make it up. Raises are optional.

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Address Employees' Pay Raise Requests

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Stop Workplace Bullying

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Deepwater Drillers Face Labor Dilemma

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Back to list Are you facing the employee compensation dilemma? Poorly compensated employees spend time searching for a better job, not focused on their work. Your competition will be happy to pay the going wage for your great departing! Our Mission a promise to you.